Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bye bye to the Ash Class of 2012/13!

Well it's the end of another year already - you all did fantastically well the year and I'm sure you'll make brilliant Year Sixes and Sevens! Good luck!
Here are a few favourite memories from this year :-)
The new blog for next year will be at www.ashclass2013-14.blogspot.com - do leave us a comment!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Some of our Y6 leavers' memories!

Tissues at the ready! It's time for some Year Six leavers' memories!

Beth's Borth Memories!

Borth memories!!!
Day 1
Day 1 was the journey everyone clambered onto the bus 1 by 1. When we arrived we all went to the classroom area where we all took out our lunches and ate. Everyone went to the beach in our dorm groups we had to find lots of different types of stones and seaweed after we all started walking along the beach towards the sand dunes it was a long walk (a very long walk)! When we arrived we were told the rules about climbing the sand dunes. Next everyone started to charge up the gigantically tall hill. Then we started doing races up and down the hill. Additionally everyone was sandy after (really sandy)! later we all went to our dorms: I was with Lillie, Ella, Gabby, Charlie and Hannah; our dorm was called Teifi. We had tea a little bit later ( I had jacket potato and some other food) then everyone had hot chocolates. I loved the hot chocolate!!!! We had tuck shop after where we bought stuff we wanted. Then we all rushed upstairs to our dorm to tidy up because we had a room inspection in a bit. Then we went to bed: we ate lots of sweets first though!

Day 2:
In the morning everyone got ready then went down stairs for their breakfast you had cereal then a full english but I didn’t want a full english. Then everyone went upstairs for a bit. Next everyone went down stairs with their day bags and raincoats. Then we headed off to the animalarium me, Ella, Hannah and Laura walked around together by ourselves. At the gift shop except from a feast ice-cream I bought a cute little bunny rabbit then later on I came back bought a souvenir pencil and a pen for my brother. After we went back to the classroom and had our lunch there. Later we were doing our borth diaries some were on the ipads doing a tour whilst the rest did diaries, but  me and ella did a blog comment then with our group went to do the tour. It was fun we did ours as sought of a movie or play. Later we went down to the beach like we had done last night just to play and joke around with our friends. Then since it was our last night everyone got into some less sandy clothes then went to the classroom to watch a movie: it was Hotel transylvania! Then just like yesterday everyone prepared for the room inspection.

Day 3:
On day three everyone packed up, took their stuff to the classroom and headed to the beach to do our sculptures. My group’s won it was a mermaid! All the others were really good too though! Then later we went onto the coach starting our journey back home. When we arrived all the parents and family members were waiting for us to arrive!!

By Beth!!! =D

Pav's Borth memories!

Day 1.
when we arrived and put our bags in the classroom we got in our dorm groups and went off collecting unusual things. When I was on the beach I found: a sea urchin; some fly fishing flies; a few shotgun shells and some bones. After that we had races up the sand dunes. It was hard. When we were sorted and fed we went down to the beach for one hour of free time.

Day 2.
On the second day, after we had breakfast, we went to the animalarium where we saw rodents, monkeys, birds, amphibians and reptiles. At the animalarium you could buy animal food pots. Get some next time you go next year fives.

Day 3.
on the third day we had a sand castle competition in which ironically a mermaid won the teachers vote but who knows who'll win the public vote.

All in all, Borth is great

P.S vote mawddach!!!!!

Lillie's Borth Memories!

Borth memories!
day 1:
The first thing was we were in the classroom waiting for the coach, I was taking lots of photos! Then finally the bus arrived and we had a very boring two hour journey and when we got at our youth hostel had lunch and immediately set of to the beach to find shells and climb up the sand dunes! When we got back from the sand dunes we went to our rooms so we could relax and set up our rooms (our room had a little help from Charlie)!  After dinner we did head back out  to go to the beach to play sports and make sand castles i was playing with Ben frisbee! Then when we got back from the beach we went to bed (well kinda)...

DAY 2:
We started of having breakfast then we had showers then we headed off to the animalarium! There were loads of animals and split off in groups to look at them! We also went to the souvenir shop and bought things like ice-creams and (OBVIOUSLY) souvenirs! There was this one bird from the animalarium and it gave me nightmares.After that we held two snakes around our necks,  the first snake i had bent my hand back, and then we had to go back. When we had our lunch we headed to the beach to have some free time until it started raining and we went back and made video diaries for the year fives next year and then we watched a movie (hotel transylvania) then we bed  (well kinda, again)...
Day 3(the final day):

on the last day in we made sandcastles (in dorm groups) and our group won by making an mermaid!Then we had to go!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Our final day in Borth!

Here are the photos for our final morning on the beach at Borth - we enjoyed our sandcastle building competition! Well done to the Ash girls for their winning mermaid sculpture!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Borth Day 2 - Animalarium Trip, by Beth & Ella

On Monday we were on the coach to Borth: it took just over 2 hours for us to get there. When we arrived we had our lunch then headed to the beach. While we were at the beach we had certain things to collect in our dorm groups. Then we walked along the long, long beach to the sand dunes where first we all were told the rules then we began to climb higher and higher till we reached the top of the sand dunes mountain. After we raced up then all slid down on our bums. Then we went back to our dorms and finally saw what they were like! Everyone in our dorm bagseyed a bunk bed but decided the next night that we would switch. Later on we had our dinner in the dinning room. We went to the tuck shop 1 by 1. Our dorm stayed up quite late sharing out sweets we didn’t eat much of it though (but we  will have all the rest tonight)!

Tuesday: we started the day off by having our breakfast! Then we all had showers and got ready to head off to the animalarium! There were loads of animals and we all went off in groups to look at them. We also bought stuff at the gift shop (ice-creams and souvenirs). There were two play parks: they were fun to play on! We fed some of the animals (£1 for a cup of food) and then went onto the park again! After that we held snakes around our necks (in threes) and it was really scary at first, but then it got easier and we held TWO! Then we headed back to have our lunch. After lunch we went to the beach and had some free time; until it rained! We went to the class-room (the one in Borth) and did video diaries and did our Borth diaries, also we made flags for the next day because we are making sand castles on Wednesday morning (in dorm groups) to win a competition between the different dorms!

By Beth and Ella! =D